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At Honeysuckle Scientific we use a special combination of frequencies for colors, essential oils, and flower essences combined with full spectrum hemp extract with non detectable psychoactive properties to balance the body spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Read more about our Quantum Enhanced Nutrition.


Honeysuckle Scientific’s patented and perfected formula offers some of the highest quality and most premium hemp plant extracts available. We create every part of every product with your confidence in mind. You can rest easy knowing that our hemp plants are seed-sourced from the best genetic specimens available and are naturally and openly sun-grown. We utilize sustainable growing practices and organic methods to consistently provide you with products of excellent quality, exceeding industry standards. Honeysuckle’s extraction process has been perfected over the years and gently draws out all available beneficial compounds, with which we create our full-spectrum extract.

Quality and consistency are our main concerns and every batch is carefully tested through numerous verification steps and quality control processes. This includes in-house and independent third-party testing and certifications of compliance. We share every result from every test, for each batch, right here on our website for your review.

The result? Potent, full-spectrum, premium quality all-natural hemp extract from nature’s bounty, delivered directly to you.


Your body deserves the very best that nature has to offer. Honeysuckle’s ultra-premium full-spectrum hemp products offer excellent bioavailability – the ability of your body to assimilate and absorb all the beneficial compounds from hemp extract. The 80+ natural compounds found in hemp extract work in tandem for your overall health and relief. All the benefits in one natural, non-habit forming treatment. Honeysuckle full-spectrum hemp extract: nature’s miracle, bottled for you.


The Honeysuckle Scientific team has carefully curated and perfected our craft over the years. Our greatest passion in life is delivering the very highest quality hemp products for you. We work tirelessly to consistently provide quality products with every step of the process thoughtfully planned and executed. Our plants are grown with sustainable and organic methods. Our proprietary CO2 extraction technology is the gold standard for yielding pure products and we utilize an ISO-9001 Certified Laboratory. We test all Honeysuckle products multiple times throughout the production process to ensure accurate concentrations of key compounds like hemp extract, and to assure the complete absence of unwanted components such as toxins, pesticides, and psychoactive elements. Our manufacturer is FDA, QA/QC, and cGMP compliant. We stand behind our promise to yield the most consistent and quality hemp extract we can for you, our valued customers.

Don’t take our word for it! Honeysuckle Scientific products deliver the promises we make! We believe that once you experience the Honeysuckle Scientific difference of purity, quality, transparency, and cutting-edge scientific compound delivery, you will know why we’ve spent our lives perfecting these products.

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