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3 Health Benefits Quantum-Infused Honeysuckle Scientific Hemp Extracts

Does hemp extract really work? You may be questioning this and we’re here to provide some feedback about what hemp consumers are reporting.

Many people report positive effects after using hemp oil

Honeysuckle Scientific is one of the leading hemp extract producers in the US. We have gained this reputation by creating pure, organic, all-natural hemp extract products that are beneficial in a variety of ways. With no additives hemp products, a tried-and-true scientific approach to extraction, and extremely high quality hemp extract, we provide you only with premium hemp extract. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Give any of our hemp extract creams, hemp extract drops, or hemp extract soft gels a try, and give yourself the gift of relief.

Hemp uses and products vary, depending on your individual needs. Hemp extract has been known to ease chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress to name a few. 

So what does hemp help with? Honeysuckle Scientific explores three major benefits of hemp extract with you!  

Skin Health and Hemp Extract

hemp extract cream
Hemp extract cream has many potential uses

Tired of never-ending breakouts and embarrassing skin conditions? Hemp extract can help! The fatty acids and vitamins in hemp extract may help keep the skin healthy and prevent breakouts, nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation, oxidation, and slowing skin aging. The reason hemp extract helps acne is the CBD element which leads to reduced sebum production (which causes acne) and potentially helps clear or prevent breakouts.

Other compounds found in full-spectrum hemp extract, such as Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids help with a variety of other skin conditions including:

  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • varicose eczema
  • lichen planus, an inflammatory skin condition
  • acne rosacea

You can apply a topical hemp extract such as drops, tinctures, or creams, or ingest hemp extract. For skin conditions, the most effective hemp extract method has been those directly applied to the affected area. 

Heart Health and Hemp Extract

Hemp extract benefits have been found to extend even to the heart! Honeysuckle Scientific products are full-spectrum hemp products. What this means is that we use all the beneficial elements found naturally in the hemp plant. When left together to work interconnectedly, they combine to help the body in a much deeper way. One of the healthy fatty acids found in the hemp plant is alpha-linolenic acid which appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. These healthy fatty acids in the hemp plant also reduce the amount of cholesterol in your arteries and veins, keeping your heart and circulatory system healthy, and slowing atherosclerosis. Full-spectrum hemp extract benefits go a long way for your body overall! 

Brain Health and Hemp Extract

Hemp extract has shown to have a major impact on overall brain health! The fatty acids and Omegas found in the hemp plant are beneficial for brain protection. Many of the compounds found in the hemp plant also help control inflammation, again, protecting and keeping the brain healthy. Guarding against dementia could be another health benefit of hemp extract. The Omegas in the hemp plant reduce thinning of the myelin sheath which surrounds and protects brain neurons. The degeneration of the myelin sheath is what leads to degenerative brain conditions.