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If you’re searching for an all-natural, non-habit forming remedy to a variety of ailments, hemp extract may be an option for you! The key to trying any new product is learning all about it! So let’s start where hemp starts: in the farming stage. Knowing the best hemp farming practices can assist you in selecting the most effective hemp product for yourself. Quality matters! Honeysuckle Scientific is here to answer the most common questions about hemp farming

What are our hemp credentials? Honeysuckle Scientific has perfected the process of growing and extracting hemp for our hemp tinctures, hemp extract drops, and hemp gel caps. We know that in the world of hemp, quality is the highest priority. To provide the best for our valued customers, we grow, process, and develop our hemp products with the best in the field. Read on to learn more…

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

We have to start with this differentiation to avoid any confusion. Both hemp and marijuana derive from the Cannabis sativa L. plant species, however, they each contain a unique and different biological structure. The major diversion between the two is the THC content, which is what creates the “high” associated with marijuana. Marijuana can contain 5-30% THC while hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC. If you’re wondering “do hemp products get you high”, the answer is no. So then what is hemp grown for? The benefits of hemp extract instead derive from the CBD content and other compounds found in hemp plants which when left together, are extremely beneficial for health. Honeysuckle Scientific takes it a step further and removes all THC from our line, resulting in 0% THC hemp products.

What Does The Climate Need To Be Like To Grow Hemp?

The best environment to grow hemp is one with plenty of sunlight. While hemp will grow with just six hours of sunlight a day, full sun is most effective. Hemp needs at least 20-30 inches of rainfall or irrigation, especially during germination. Honeysuckle Scientific grows our high-quality hemp in the fresh air of Colorado. 

When is Hemp Planted and Harvested?

How to plant hemp is an important consideration for the best chance of survival. Hemp seeds should be planted and harvested after the frost or mid-spring into summer in cold areas and between June and November in warmer areas. Harvesting hemp typically occurs about four months after planting. Hemp grown for CBD extraction is typically harvested in early to mid-fall when hemp cannabinoid levels are highest.

What Kind Of Soil and Topography is Ideal for Hemp Production?

Where to grow hemp is a crucial factor in the hemp production process. Ensuring the best quality hemp extract means planting in the right kind of soil. Flat fields with good water movement, hot days and cools nights, and short summers work best for growing hemp. As far as the best soil for growing hemp, well-aerated, loamy soil with rich organic matter is ideal.

Should Pesticides Be Used in Hemp Growth?

The best hemp extract is organic, non-GMO, and tested for purity. Organic products generally contain lower levels of toxins and the hemp plant is prone to absorb contaminants and toxic substances from the surrounding environment. This means the hemp extract may contain toxins if it has not been farmed organically. Thus, the best brands of hemp oil are found where the farmers do not use any pesticides or other chemicals.  If the soil surrounding the hemp plants is clean, then the extract is likely to be clean! 

Which Farmers Should Grow Hemp?

Fruit, vine, and tobacco farmers can successfully rotate hemp plants into the farming cycle, so this seems like a natural fit. Not only does rotating hemp into the crop cycle benefit the soil, but it also increases the sustainability of hemp. Of course, checking with the legal guidelines for growing hemp in each state is key!

Honeysuckle Scientific stands behind our hemp growing practices. Our quality hemp products and stellar reputation with our valued customers speak for themselves. Give our products a try and find the much-needed relief you deserve!