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All About Hemp Extract

Tired of chronic pain, migraines, sleepless nights, skin, conditions, stress? We hear you. If you’re suffering from one of these ailments, you have probably been searching for a remedy. We have it! Honeysuckle Scientific specializes in hemp products that work to resolve these conditions in an all-natural, non-habit forming method. Hemp has been used over thousands of years for a vast array of uses, from industrial to farming and textiles, to the most current use, human health. 

Yet many people hear hemp and automatically connect it to marijuana. While they derive from the same plant family, hemp extract is not the same as marijuana. Hemp products must have less than 0.3% of THC, which is the “high” inducing component of marijuana. In many cases, such as with products you’ll find at Honeysuckle Scientific, the THC has been fully removed from the hemp extract, leaving 0% THC. What you’re left with is pretty much no possibility of a “high” and all the health benefits of hemp extract. Besides all the ailments that hemp extract can remedy, the hemp plant has a rich history of serving a variety of purposes.

Hemp Plant Facts

Did you know the hemp plant has over 60,000 uses? The history of hemp fiber points to its use for clothing, rope, bio-plastics, furniture, car parts, paper, shoes, and so much more. Hemp seed facts indicate that hemp seed oil, flour, tea, and hemp protein have been produced as food sources around the globe. Industrial hemp facts show that mass production of textiles from the hemp plant occurred all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Paper was one of the most common uses of hemp, in fact, the first printed book, the Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp paper! Henry Ford even built a car out of hemp fiber in the 1940s, as it was ten times stronger than steel. You’re probably now wondering how this amazing plant was discovered.

Hemp History Facts

Hemp plant facts start in early times, even as far back as 8000 BCE, which is known as the indigenous history of hemp. The origin of hemp is first recorded during this time frame in Asia, specifically in Taiwan. Information about hemp farming in ancient civilizations shows that hemp seeds were used for food and hemp plants were utilized for pottery decoration, clothing, and footwear. Soon, the hemp plant began popping up all over trade routes in Europe, South America, and Africa. The history of hemp rope began during these times in Russia and Greece. The China hemp history began around 100 BCE when they began using hemp to make paper. In India, hemp was viewed as sacred due to its wide range of uses and rapid growth. In the 1500s, King Henry VII of England recognized the value of hemp and started fining farmers who were not growing it. People could even pay their taxes in hemp! Sound like a scary plant? Not so much. Hemp plant info and historical facts are plentiful, providing a good source of information about the value of this amazing, yet misunderstood plant. So how does the hemp history USA play out? Our next “episode” of the history of hemp is all about the history of hemp in our great nation. Stay tuned!