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All About Hemp Farming

There’s a good chance that recently you’ve heard more and more about hemp and its wide range of benefits for health, pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more. Hemp extract is quickly becoming a reliable product for a variety of ailments, based on its reputation as an all-natural, non habit-forming remedy. As with many products on the market today, not all hemp products are equal. Of course, the most effective and safest hemp extract is going to be high quality hemp products. So how do you find the best quality hemp extract? While there are many elements to consider when buying hemp extract, one of the most important components is how hemp is farmed. It’s key to know what you’re putting in (or on) your body, so learning all about common practices with growing and selling hemp is crucial to being able to choose the best hemp products for yourself.

Growing Hemp Plants for CBD 

What is hemp grown for? Hemp plants are used for a wide variety of products, from textiles, to pottery, seeds for oil and food, and of course, CBD production. When growing hemp plants for CBD, the rule of thumb in the United States is that any hemp cultivated here cannot exceed the 0.3% THC limit. This is what divides hemp and marijuana. While hemp and marijuana are members of the Cannabis sativa L. plant species, they contain different biological structures. It’s vital to choose hemp products that were grown specifically with CBD extraction in mind.

Where to Grow Hemp

The best hemp extract oil is grown in a soil and environment that is  pure, clean, and free of chemicals, pesticides,air pollution, and any other toxins.This is important because hemp plants tend to absorb toxins, radiation, and chemicals from the soil and surrounding atmosphere. Thus, in order to get the purest hemp extract, the best environment to grow hemp is a clean one. The best soil for growing hemp is loose, well-aerated loam with natural organic matter. Hemp thrives with high levels of nitrogen, as well as some phosphorus, sulfur, and calcium. 

How to Start Hemp Farm

Growing hemp from seed can be an easy process with the right soil and location. What are hemp seeds? This is the foundation of how to start growing hemp, yet it’s important to know that there are various types of hemp seeds out there. For example, hemp grown for CBD (those used for physical and mental ailments) usually derives from different seeds than those that are used for textiles that are stalky and fibrous. Hemp for CBD is usually planted further apart and is always best in organic, pesticide-free soil.

Honeysuckle Scientific Hemp Extract

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