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Does Hemp Extract Expire?

Hemp extract is made from the hemp plant and it’s a potent natural remedy for pain relief, sleeplessness, anxiety, skin conditions, and so much more. Yet the common question remains: does hemp extract expire? Like all products, even natural ones, hemp extract products are assigned an expiration date, albeit a very lengthy one. A more pertinent question perhaps is how long is hemp extract potent? There are many factors that go into the quality and shelf life of any product, but there are also some important things to note about hemp extract specifically. Let’s explore some of those factors and some commonly asked questions about hemp extract expiration with hemp experts from Honeysuckle Scientific. 

Hemp Storage and Expiration FAQs

What is hemp extract?

Let’s start at the beginning for those who are just tuning in to the world of hemp extract! Hemp extract is an organic, natural supplement that can be used to help you manage your health. It’s derived from the cannabis plant and has a wide range of uses.

What is the best storage container for hemp extract? 

The best hemp extract will be packaged in amber bottles. This is because hemp extract is sensitive to oxygen, light, and temperature. Dark-colored and airtight glass containers are the most effective for protecting hemp extract from air, heat, and sunlight. You can keep your CBD in its original packaging with little worry about the ingredients breaking down significantly.

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How long does hemp extract last?

The shelf life of hemp extract also depends on the extraction process. The best method of hemp extract extraction is carbon dioxide (which Honeysuckle Scientific utilizes). This is because it enables the full spectrum cannabinoids and potency of CBD to remain high. How does the CBD extraction process help hemp extract last longer? The carbon dioxide extraction method maintains stability for the compounds, resulting in a longer shelf life hemp extract

What happens if you take expired hemp extract oil?

You never know how an expired product of any kind will affect you and therefore it’s never a good idea to knowingly take an expired product. If you’re asking the question, “Can old hemp extract make you sick” because you’ve accidentally taken an expired product, see your doctor immediately. Regardless, the effectiveness of an expired hemp extract product will likely be significantly decreased, rendering the product useless.

What is the shelf life of hemp extract?

The most important factor in determining how long hemp extract oil lasts is the quality and ingredients. Hemp extract is made up of cannabidiol (CBD) which has a very long shelf life because it is less vulnerable to oxidation. A higher-quality product will have a longer shelf life, which can also help you stretch your budget before investing in another bottle! 

High Quality Hemp Extract Products

Do you still have questions like, what does rancid hemp oil smell like? Can you freeze hemp extract? Is expired hemp extract safe? Don’t worry! Honeysuckle’s hemp extract experts are here to answer all your hemp extract expiration questions

The long and short of it is this: hemp extract is not like other products that go bad or rancid after sitting around for too long, although they do expire. The highest quality hemp extract is an all-natural product with no additives or preservatives, such as those you’ll find at Honeysuckle. The main thing that will happen after the expiration date is that its potency will decrease. If you’re wondering how much longer your hemp extract has until it expires, check the “Best By” date on the bottle (which should be somewhere in the realm of one to two years from purchase date). If you’ve already gone past this point of expiration, it would be best to invest in a fresh hemp extract product. It’s never advisable to take a product after the expiration date. While hemp extract products past the expiration date most likely won’t harm you, especially if it doesn’t smell strange or different than before, its potency is likely diminishing. Instead, find a replacement hemp extract product from Honeysuckle Scientific today! You could try a new and different hemp product or go with what has consistently worked for you in the past. Either way, you’re sure to appreciate the high quality and purity of Honeysuckle Scientific hemp extract products. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: relief that you deserve!