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Hemp Extract and Anxiety

In today’s stressful times, are you suffering from the effects of anxiety? You’re not alone. In the United States anxiety related disorders affect more than 18% of the population. That’s over 40 million people! Despite the number of people suffering from anxiety, remedies can be evasive. 

You may want to avoid taking potentially addictive medications, or perhaps you just have not found manufactured medication that is effective for you or which is a long term solution. If that’s the case, you may be seeking a more natural alternative. There is a solution for you! A huge number of people have found that using hemp extract for anxiety provides relief! Honeysuckle Scientific has perfected the process of extracting the beneficial elements of the hemp plant which can treat a number of conditions, including anxiety related disorders. Get the relief you deserve and put an end to the emotional distress you’ve been enduring.

If your anxiety is debilitating and you’re feeling the symptoms of restlessness, irritability, panic, fear, fatigue, and sleep issues, we know this greatly affects the quality of your life. Honeysuckle is here for you; we’ve dedicated our careers to finding natural solutions for anxiety, in addition to other chronic issues and pain. 

What Is Hemp Extract?

Hemp extract is derived from hemp plant, which is not the same as marijuiana which comes from the cannabis plant. Honeysuckle’s perfected process cleans the plants to purify them before creating any hemp products. This means that you will receive hemp extract with 0% THC, which is the “high” inducing element of marijuiana. 

How Does Hemp Oil Help Anxiety?

Hemp oil benefits for anxiety include addressing the commonly associated symptoms directly, in an all-natural, non-habit forming way. The best hemp extract for anxiety has been found to reduce symptoms substantially. How, you ask? Honeysuckle breaks it down for you…

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Hemp plants have been found as a good source of omega fatty acids, compounds known to affect a person’s anxiety levels, boost moods, and improve cognitive functioning. Omegas also are known to relieve other issues including inflammation, migraines, and chronic pain. 

Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes

Hemp extracts also contain phytocannabinoids which play an important role in the body’s endocannabinoid system. These biochemicals and receptors regulate emotional responses, including anxiety. Another hemp plant element, terpenes, have a positive impact on the neurological system directly related to anxiety.

Other Nutrients

Anxiety and hemp extract are also associated due to nutrients found in the hemp plant. These nutrients include vitamin E, zinc, calcium iron, and magnesium. These natural nutrients help relax the body’s muscles, regulate stress, and improve moods. 

Benefits of Hemp Extract for Anxiety

You don’t have to live with the emotional distress and life disturbance that anxiety often causes. You deserve relief! One possible source of relief for you is hemp extract. You can ingest or apply hemp extract in a number of different forms. With a little experimentation, you’ll determine which method is the most effective and comfortable for you. The benefits of trying this solution are far reaching…

  • All natural and organic approach
  • No addictive chemicals in hemp products
  • 0% THC, so no psychoactive or “high” symptoms
  • Many ways to take hemp oil for anxiety
  • Hemp oil has little to no side effects
  • Immediate relief from anxiety 

So what is the best hemp extract for anxiety? Honeysuckle Scientific has a tried and true, perfected process to provide you with the highest quality hemp extract. We create a variety of application or ingestion options so that you get the form that suits you best. We are here for you…find relief for your anxiety today with just a click!