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Hemp Extract May Help Prevent Covid-19 Virus

It’s no secret that hemp extract is having a moment. Cannabinoids are being used to treat everything from anxiety to chronic pain, and it seems like there’s a new use for it every day. Now, a new study is reporting that hemp extract can help prevent and treat Covid-19 infection. Is this just another fad, or is there scientific evidence to back up these claims? Hemp extract experts from Honeysuckle Scientific weigh in with a dive into the research surrounding hemp extract and Covid-19 to see if there’s any truth to the hype.

Cannabis Compounds May Prevent Infection by Covid-19 Virus

The worldwide pandemic has many people asking new questions such as: can I treat my covid-19 symptoms at home? What is an all-natural approach to preventing Covid-19? What are some of the treatments available for COVID-19? What are some ways you can improve your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic?  If you find yourself wondering about the answers to these questions and more, we get it. Now a new study may offer some hope for those searching for natural Covid prevention and treatment

best natural supplements to treat covid

Hemp oil is becoming a more popular natural remedy for various conditions and its latest potential may lie in Covid prevention and treatment. Hemp extract’s potential for preventing Covid-19 infection was first shared by the Journal of Natural Products in a report based on research conducted by affiliates of Oregon State University. The report indicates that compounds found in hemp plants may block the infection’s entry into cells. This is done by the binding of certain acids to the spike protein SARS-CoV-2 which causes the virus. The binding acids with the most promise, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) are naturally occurring acids found in hemp cannabis. The scientific support is stated in the research, “Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.” 

Pretty exciting, right?! Finally, the opportunity for an all-natural approach to treating and preventing Covid-19. The potential for protecting millions worldwide is thrilling!

Best Natural Supplements for Covid-19 Prevention

The scientific evidence to support that hemp extract can prevent Covid is in its initial phases but new and vital information is being discovered every day. What studies DO indicate is that hemp extract has some promising potential! If you are interested in trying hemp extract to help treat Covid-19, talk to your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you. Then visit us here at Honeysuckle Scientific and browse our wide range of hemp extract products to find the one that’s right for you! What hemp extract products may help prevent and treat Covid-19? Full-spectrum hemp extract consumer products often contain the key Covid-blocking acids in small amounts and are also used to boost the immune system and help protect the body from infection. Hemp extract can be taken orally as a tincture or in capsule form, or used topically as a balm or cream. Simply choose which product suits you and reap the many benefits! We invite you to check back with Honeysuckle Scientific consistently as we continue to follow this exciting potential natural prevention of Covid-19!