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Hemp Extract – REM and NREM Sleep

If you’re one of the many people that struggle with getting a good night’s rest, then you may want to consider using hemp extract. Sleep is important for the human body to function properly. The lack of sleep can lead to many health problems including weight gain, heart disease, and depression. You may have already tried prescription drugs or other remedies to help you get a restful night, to no avail, and all at the risk of a nasty addiction to sleep aids! A potential solution is hemp extract, an all-natural solution without any side effects. Explore with Honeysuckle Scientific as we delve into the many benefits of hemp extract for REM and NREM sleep and how it all works to get you the rest you desperately need!

How Does Hemp Extract Improve Sleep?

Hemp extract helps the human body in many ways, and one of the best remedies hemp extract provides is that it can help you sleep better! One way is by helping you get more restful sleep at night through its natural relaxing properties. Another way hemp extract helps sleep is by calming your mind so that your stresses melt away while you’re trying to relax and fall asleep. How does this all work? Hemp extract contains cannabinoids which are molecules that interact with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system. Cannabinoids have been shown to reduce anxiety by activating serotonin receptors in the brain as well as produce sedative-like effects on the central nervous system, leading to better sleep quality. So with one easy-to-use, all natural product, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and get the deep sleep your body needs.

When to Take Hemp Extract for Sleep

how to use hemp extract for sleep

According to recent statistics, 14% of Americans report using hemp extract products, and 11% of consistent hemp extract users say they use it for sleep. Many people with sleep disturbances report issues with moving through the natural sleep cycles (from REM sleep into NREM, or deeper sleep states). 

Does hemp extract help REM sleep? Yes! REM sleep behavior disorder is characterized by disturbed sleep which can include sleepwalking, involuntary physical movements, and wakefulness. This is incredibly disruptive for your sleep cycle and can essentially negate all the necessary and beneficial elements of REM sleep that your body desperately needs. Hemp extract encourages the body to induce its normal “paralysis” state that stops involuntary movements during REM sleep in people with healthy sleep patterns. The natural properties found in hemp extract have thus been found to reduce REM sleep disturbances and help you stay asleep during the REM cycle. 

Does hemp extract help NREM sleep? Yes! Once hemp extract has worked its magic in your REM sleep, it assists you in moving into the next sleep cycle. Hemp extract contains CBD which has been shown to help your body move from REM sleep into deeper NREM sleep. NREM sleep is slow-wave sleep that your body needs for regenerative and health purposes. Hemp extract consumers for sleep have also reported they wake up less often, leading to fewer sleep disturbances, which allows the body to have prolonged NREM sleep.

Best Hemp Extract for Sleep 2021

If a restful night sounds like something that you need, visit Honeysuckle Scientific today! We have a variety of hemp extract products for sleep, including hemp extract for sleep in elderly, hemp extract for insomnia, and we also have more tips on how to use hemp extract for sleep needs. Give yourself the gift of a restful night!