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How to Plant Hemp

Welcome to Part 2 of Honeysuckle Scientific’s All About Hemp Farming! Knowing the ins and outs of hemp farming is a must when selecting a hemp extract product to try. When utilizing hemp extract for pain, stress, chronic migraines, aches, skin conditions, or sleep relief, you’ll want to find hemp extract products that are grown and harvested in the safest and purest conditions. It’s also imperative that those hemp plants were grown with the goal of CBD extraction and not for any of the other many hemp uses. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what sets high quality hemp products apart and ensure you’re only selecting the best.

How to Grow Hemp

Farming of hemp plants should not require any special hemp farming equipment, with the possible exception of irrigation. Hemp plants need 20­–30 inches of rainfall for the growth cycle. If natural precipitation is less than this, irrigation will be needed. The hemp plant increases in water absorption until the flowering stage, and then increases again during flowering and seed formation. It’s vital that the soil and water be pure and clear of pesticides or other chemicals in order to produce a clean hemp plant. This ensures that you’ll receive hemp extract products that are pure without unwanted elements. 

What is the Hemp Growing Season?

Both in commercial hemp farming and small hemp farming, hemp is a summer crop, typically farmed between June and early November. The most vital element is that there is no danger of frost. This means the planting date may differ depending on the hemp farming location, as hemp will be harvested earlier closer to the poles. Hemp plants harvested for CBD should be ripened and full of seed when farmed. 

How to Cultivate CBD Hemp

We left off with information about the hemp growing season. The next step is cultivation, or farming of the hemp. Of utmost importance in the United States is that cultivating hemp requires permits and certain regulations must be followed. It’s important that any hemp purchased comes from growers who adhere to all the guidelines and regulations in the U.S., designed to keep consumers safe. Typically this will entail a written plan submitted and approved by the Secretary of USDA. Some states instead require a license under a federally run program. With the 2018 Farm Bill, states that can grow hemp increased to basically all 50 states. 

Hemp Farming

While this is in no way a how to grow hemp guide, it does provide helpful  information for the general hemp user. Knowing where the hemp you purchase comes from, recognizing best practices for growing hemp, and understanding the differences that exist within hemp products is important! Rest assured knowing that you have the knowledge to select the highest quality hemp products out there! Honeysuckle Scientific is proud to share our tried and true, reliable, and scientifically based hemp extract product line. We offer tinctures, cremes, gel capsules, and drops that serve as relief from a wide variety of ailments. Peruse our website today and begin your journey to relief!