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How to Store Hemp Extract

Hemp extract has been reported to be a fantastic all-natural remedy for pain relief, skin conditions, reducing anxiety, elevating moods, lowering inflammation levels–the list goes on! Yet your hemp extract is only as effective as its quality which is greatly affected by storage methods. It’s important to take care of your hemp extract by storing it properly so you can reap optimum benefits. If you’re looking for more information about how best to store your hemp extract products, then you’re in the right place! Hemp extract experts at Honeysuckle Scientific dive into some commonly asked questions on how to properly store hemp extract so that your hemp remains fresh and effective.  

How Do I Store Hemp Extract?

The main reason that the proper storage of hemp extract is crucial is to maintain its potency and effectiveness. Most hemp extract products won’t go rancid or become dangerous like a dairy product might after a long passage of time. However, without the right storage process of hemp extract, you will find it doesn’t work as well. Since the whole point of using hemp extract products is to gain much-needed relief from pain, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, etc., storing hemp extract properly is imperative. That way, you can safely continue to receive the full relief that you’ve come to rely upon from your hemp product.

Hemp Extract Storage Tips

Some basic hemp extract storage best practices include:

  • Make sure the container is airtight and opaque/amber-colored
  • Store in a cool dry place away from light, heat, moisture and oxygen
  • Storing hemp extract in the fridge is a debated topic. Review the label on your hemp extract to answer “should I refrigerate hemp extract?” since every product varies slightly. Some recommend refrigeration of hemp extract products, while others suggest room temperature storage.
  • Keep tightly sealed after opening.
  • Use up within one to two years, depending on your product’s label and guidelines.
  • Do not store near any other strong-smelling substances which may affect flavor (for ingestible hemp extract).
  • Only open the container as needed in order to avoid introducing moisture. 
  • If you notice any changes in color or consistency of hemp extract, do not consume it and discard it.

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hemp extract storage tips

Storing hemp extract in the right way will ensure you get optimal benefits from using it, so apply these tips on storing hemp extract and take a step in a healthy direction!  Honeysuckle Scientific stands behind the quality and potency of our hemp extract products and we want you to gain all the wonderful benefits of using hemp extract products. Have you already found your perfect product for chronic pain, stress and anxiety, skin conditions, or as an overall health supplement? That’s fantastic! Shop our online store for the highest quality hemp extract products on the market today. Maybe you’re still searching for that perfect remedy? Try Honeysuckle Scientific Hemp Topical Cream, Hemp Soft Gels, or our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Your needs are just as unique as you are and our commitment to you is to find the hemp product that is perfectly suited to you. Get underway on your journey to a pain-free, healthy lifestyle with an exploration of Honeysuckle Scientific today!