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Quantum Enhanced Nutrition

We use a proprietary and patent-pending process of imprinting frequencies for essential oils, flower extracts, and pathogen protection combined into our full-spectrum hemp extract to totally balance the body spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent carrier molecule for energy messaging.  Our cell membranes have some receptor proteins that are shaped like tesla coils that respond to the energy of light frequencies and are propagated at the speed of light to the DNA of the nucleus and mitochondria of the cell.  Light, through the photonic effect, allows the DNA expression and epigenetics to be altered in the cells.  The mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cell or the “energy center,” responds to light to produce multiple and diverse antioxidants that protect against DNA damage.  The onset of action for our CBD is immediate unlike many other hemp products that require large amounts, and our products have no interactions with drugs or other herbs. 

The primary flower essence we are imprinting into our CBD products is Honeysuckle flower extract.  Honeysuckle flower is known to the homeopathic and holistic health communities to encourage presence in the moment.  Much of our anxieties and depressions may come from being preoccupied with the past or from being anxious and worried about the future.  We want our customers to live in the present, not stuck in the past, with hope for a great future.  We use the pure and safe essence of light technology to promote optimal health and wellness in the challenging times in which we live.