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What to Look for in Hemp Extract – Part One

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the all-natural symptom solution from which so many people have found relief! Hemp extract has been found helpful for a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, migraines, depression, skin issues, anxiety, and so much more! Yet now you probably have a ton of questions about hemp extract, what it is, what it is used for, and most importantly, how to choose the right quality hemp extract product for you! Honeysuckle Scientific has built our foundation upon providing only the very best and our team of experienced hemp producers share what’s most important to know about hemp extract

What is hemp extract?

Hemp extract is an organic, all-natural extraction from the cannabis plant. The hemp plant (cannabis plant) has been used for centuries to make textiles, paper, biofuels, whole food products, and more recently, health and wellness products. It’s important to know that although they derive from the same plant family, hemp extract is not marijuana! This may lead you to wonder, are hemp products legal? Yes! Due to the fact that they do not contain the “high” inducing effects of THC, hemp extract products are legal. 

What is hemp extract used for?

The question may be rattling around in your mind: what does hemp extract do? That’s a great question! If you’re interested in trying something new, it’s always a good idea to gather information about the product and learn exactly what you’re dealing with. Hemp extract benefits are far-reaching and include pain relief, soothing anxiety, clearing up various skin conditions, to name just a few. Hemp extract for pain is widely used, with people reporting relief from chronic back, neck, knee, and joint pain, migraines, and relief from general pain due to chronic illness. 

What is the hemp extraction process?

Honeysuckle Scientific is in the top tier of quality hemp extract production. We are committed to providing relief for our clients through our many hemp extract products in a variety of forms. How do we provide the best hemp extract products? Our hemp plants are grown in an all-natural, organic setting which gives us the best hemp plants for our products. After harvesting the plants, we begin the extraction process which removes impurities and THC out of the extract. We adhere to a strict, scientific extraction process which allows the body to assimilate and absorb the beneficial compounds, because they are gently and purely extracted with no additives. While hemp products must contain less than 0.3% of THC, Honeysuckle takes it a step further so that our products contain 0% THC. This means you will not have any psychoactive effects or “high” from our hemp extract. 

What is in hemp extract?

Another important element to consider when finding where to buy hemp extract is what that specific extract contains. Always read the label because the highest quality hemp products have very few (if any) additives and should also contain less than 0.3% of THC. This protects you against unwanted elements in your body and against any “high” effects that higher levels of THC may give you. Most importantly, many of the benefits of hemp extract are tied into the fact that it is all-natural. Having a ton of additives defeats the purpose of an all-natural pain remedy

Curious to learn more? Stay tuned for Part Two where we’ll share more tips about what to look for when buying hemp extract. You’re well on your way to relief!