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Why Third Party Testing is Important for Hemp Extract Products

You’ve finally decided to try a hemp extract product for an ailment, as a sleep aid, or for pain… Congratulations, relief is on the way! Yet just when you think you’ve found the perfect product, you discover impurities and additives galore! In a market flooded with varying qualities of hemp extract products, how do you ensure that you’re getting a pure product? It all comes down to transparency and third party testing. Why is third party testing important for hemp extract products? Explore with our experts at Honeysuckle Scientific as we dive into the world of hemp extract lab testing.  

What is Third Party Lab Testing?

Third party testing is when a hemp extract company sends products to an independent lab for the product to be analyzed. The purpose of this is two-fold: first, the levels of cannabinoids and THC concentration are checked to ensure that they match what the label claims it to contain. Secondly, the lab tests if the product is free of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and impurities or contaminants. 

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It should be, yet in actual practice, not all hemp extract product testing is equal. Some companies will only perform tests for certain elements or skip whole parts of the testing entirely. The most trustworthy and legitimate hemp extract companies out there will not settle with just a few tests, they will run the entire panel through third party testing on hemp extract products and will share that information with you, the consumer. If you want quality, then buying from trusted sources will be worth much more than cheap hemp extract products in the end. In this world, you get what you pay for. 

The best hemp extract companies, such as Honeysuckle, take the testing a step further! We perform in-house and third party testing of hemp extract raw materials BEFORE extraction, again while in process, and perform our most comprehensive hemp extract purity and concentration tests on the finished products. This means that we can be sure our products can be trusted to be pure and unadulterated. The integrity of our products is of the utmost importance to us at Honeysuckle Scientific so if any impurities or problem is revealed, we send the entire batch to destruction. 

Hemp Extract Lab Tests 

We know that a hemp extract company is only as good as its product and we take that seriously. Honeysuckle Scientific has built our stellar reputation on producing safe, pure, and reliable hemp extract products. To ensure that we’re only giving you the very best, we perform both in-house hemp extract testing and hemp extract outsourced third party and independent testing of every single batch of our products. We also provide test results for each and every batch here on our website so you have complete visibility on the exact product batch you’re buying! That applies across the board, for all our products, so you can see for yourself that we are selling what we say we are: quality and purity. 

Best Lab Tested Hemp Extract Products

The importance of lab testing for hemp extract products is pretty clear…You should be able to read the label on the product you’re considering, and know with certainty that it contains exactly what it says and nothing more! Hemp extract is incredibly beneficial for a variety of ailments and issues, yet you want to protect yourself against harmful additives or impurities. All it takes to do so is to be discerning when it comes to choosing your hemp extract! 

To assure that you get the best delivery and most predictable absorption when taking a CBD supplement, it is critical to choose a brand like Honeysuckle Scientific that is dedicated to quality above all else. Our goal always remains to produce the highest quality, the most effective hemp extract products for you, our discerning customers seeking only the best. We love nothing more than providing access to our supplements by selling only the highest tier of quality hemp extract products that have undergone rigorous and complete testing. 

Honeysuckle’s end goal: hemp extract products that are simply the best that exist. Browse our online store today – we look forward to seeing you!